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Tran Ngoc Minh
Junior Financial Analyst
Suong Nguyet Anh, Ho Chi Minh City, District 1, Vietnam - +84 1234 5678 90 – [email protected]

Career Summary I am associated with Axis Financial Corp since 2014. I began my stint as a trainee financial analyst in January 2014 and got later promoted as a junior financial analyst in July 2014. I have worked on several projects during this tenure where I assisted organizations in analyzing their financial activities and drafting strategies for financial planning.

Objective To acquire the responsible job of a financial analyst and perform the tasks and responsibilities allotted to me efficiently. To gain sufficient experience to be able to work at this position independently.
Experience Junior Financial Analyst
Axis Financial Corp, Ho Chi Minh City July 2014 - Present
• Support the senior members in handling the financial activities of two clients: a pharmaceutical company and a telecommunications organization
• Apply the management and financial tools to the financial activities to measure the receipts and utilization of finances
• Analyze the performance measuring metrics, sales forecasting indicators, budget model and economic trends to make financial strategies
• Estimate the financial needs of the organization and suggest avenues to raise sufficient capital from the market
• Study the trends of capital and equity financing and its impact on the structure of the capital and ownership of the organization
• Develop operational projections to give per head or per department expenses, capital expenditure, and per region or per person revenue

Trainee Financial Analyst
Axis Financial Corp, Ho Chi Minh City Jan 2014 – June 2014
• Receive analysis reports from the seniors and make PPT presentations to explain the analysis results by way of charts and pie diagrams
• Test the developed management metrics and check its capacity to study, quantify and monitor the work processes
• Gather reports such as statutory reports, conformity reports, and internal management reports for analysis
• Perform resource management functions that help to make a list of the available resources and locate them economically to different projects
• Prepare statistics on the financial information of last three years and deduce the trend of incomes and expenses

Core Competencies • Portfolio Management
• Equity Financing and Securities Trading
• Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
• Financial and Operational Modeling

Additional Skills • Skilled at research and gathering valuable data
• Familiar with the analytical methods and performance metrics
• Efficient at interpreting the economic and financial indicators
• Proficient in methods of capital budgeting and treasury operations

Education Chartered Financial Analyst – CFA Institute, (2012) – First Class Grade
Bachelor’s Degree in Finance – Ho Chi Minh University (2010) – Grade A

Reference Mary Kate Maguire (Chief Financial Analyst)
Axis Financial Inc., Ho Chi Minh City
Contact: [email protected]
Tel: +84 1234 5678 90123